What are corns?

Corns are small areas of skin that often occur on toes as a result of excessive pressure, friction and biomechanical problems. There are two types, hard and soft. Both have a core which differentiates these from warts.

Hard corns occur on the tops, tips and sides of toes and have a core that presses on nerve endings, causing pain. Soft corns form between the toes, and stay soft due to heat and greater moisture but can be equally painful.

How to treat corns

Choose shoes which fit well to help avoid corns from forming in the first place. If a corn has already formed, you can either remove it or protect it. Try salicylic acid-based products like patches, liquids or creams for removal and use a file after footbaths too. To protect corns, relieve pain and lessen the discomfort caused by friction and rubbing, use protective patches made from foam, silicone or soft polymers. 

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