Scholl Party Feet™ Invisible Gel Heel Shields

Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Heel Shields protect heels from shoes slipping & rubbing.

Product Pack Contents: 2 EA

Product Description

Scholl Party Feet Gel Heel Shields help stop shoes slipping. They also provide invisible gel cushioning to help prevent shoes rubbing and cutting in causing sore heels.

- Clear gel, ultra slim and discreet.

- Shields stay firmly in place for long lasting cushioning & protection.

- Specially shaped for a comfortable fit around the heel.

- Can also be used to cushion the inside top of a closed-toe shoe.

Peel shields off protective film. Apply, placing sticky side to shoes as required. Place in your shoe at the back of your heel.

Discontinue use if you experience an adverse reaction. Keep away from children.
Please seek advice before use if you have diabetes as your foot condition may require treatment by a healthcare professional.

Product Code: 05052197033755