GelActiv™ Insoles

Designed to fit most shoes.

GelActiv™ Insoles have been developed to reduce the excessive pressure being put on your feet and are suitable to satisfy three different sets of needs.

GelActiv™ Everyday

Everyday insoles for day-to-day use.

Whether you want to shop longer, enjoy a stroll with the family or go for a quick power walk around the block – Scholl GelActiv™ Everyday insoles support your feet, so you can be comfortable all day long. 

Best for:

• Day-to-day shoes
• (Ankle) boots
• Trainers/sports shoes

GelActiv™ Sport

Sport insoles for staying active.

With Scholl GelActiv™ Sport insoles, you can work out more comfortably. These innovative insoles absorb shock and reduce pressure on the joints.

Best for:

  • Trainers
  • Sports shoes

GelActiv™ Work

Work insoles for all-day support.

GelActiv™ technology softens the impact when your feet hit the ground and offers long-lasting support – especially useful if you’re spending several hours on your feet at work.

Best for:

  • Work shoes
  • Day-to-day shoes
  • Sports shoes

Experience and innovation combined.


Cushioning and support.

Scholl GelActiv™ technology comprises two types of gel that are proven to absorb even the smallest shocks and effectively reduce the impact felt when walking and running. The firmer gel supports the arches of the feet and the heels, while the softer gel provides high-quality cushioning and an additional shock-absorbing effect.

Scholl GelActiv™ insoles can be individually trimmed to fit every size shoe.

The insoles can also be cleaned and reused: simply wipe them down with warm, soapy water.

100 years of experience.


We still share the passion and values of our founder, Dr William Mathias Scholl: we believe that healthy feet mean increased comfort and wellbeing – and that’s exactly what we aim to deliver with our products. 

Scholl GelActiv™ technology.

Innovative GelActiv™ technology comprises two gels that effectively absorb shock and reduce the pressure felt on your feet: a firmer gel that supports the arches of your feet and your heels, plus a softer one to ensure the shock absorption.


Help relieve discomfort.

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