Useful Tips

Useful Tips

Tips for your feet

Sit down on a chair and lift your feet slightly off the ground, while stretching out your legs. Slowly pull the tips of your toes towards your body and stretch them out again. You will feel the ankles and calves stretch. A feeling of warmth rises in your feet and legs.

Relaxing footbath: A footbath is a nice, easy way of relaxing your feet. Heat up some water to a comfortable temperature, put it into a bowl and add some of your favourite bath oil. Put your feet in and relax.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Move slowly onto your tiptoes and feel the weight of your body shifting to your forefoot. Stay in this position for a moment before moving back to the starting position.

Place a small item like a tissue or pen on the floor. Grab it with one foot and lift it up. Hold this position for a few seconds and move back into the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other foot.

Roll one foot over the grip of a dumbbell, back and forth. If you do not have a dumbbell, a bottle may be used. This exercise can also be done while sitting on a chair.

A simple exercise to loosen your feet muscles is to paddle your feet in contrary directions whilst seated.

Stand on one foot and move the other one backwards in a stretched out position. Now move the foot of the stretched out leg in circles. Repeat this exercise 5 times and switch to the other foot. For a more advanced version of this exercise, a soft mat can be placed under the standing leg. This will improve balance and strengthen feet muscles.

Tips for comfortable high heels

High heels are sexy but often very uncomfortable. The following are tips to increase the wearing comfort.

Scholl Insoles improve the wearing comfort of any shoe. Insoles will make a noticeable difference especially in high heels, which can sometimes be rather uncomfortable.

If your feet feel painful whilst wearing high heels on a party evening, do not change your shoes if you plan on changing back later. Wearing the high heels again after the break will feel even more painful than before.

Heel placement is important with a centred heel increasing the footing. A heel should not be too high or too thin.

The lighter your shoe, the more comfortable it is. Avoid soles made from heavy material like wood.

Shoes which are too thin for your foot are more uncomfortable. If your shoes are too tight you should widen them with shoe stretchers. A tip for your next shopping trip: You should buy shoes in the afternoon or evenings your feet are already a bit swollen. This is more representative of your actual shoe size.

Tips for walking gracefully in high heels

High heels can make your walk look super sexy, but if you lack experience it may look clumsy. The following are some tips to help you master walking in heels.

Walk with a proper posture and look straight ahead. Don’t look at your feet!

Don’t swing your arms too much! Excessive movement with your arms will worsen your overall appearance. Though, slight movement or putting your hands on your hips will underline the sexiness of your walk.

Don’t walk with stiff outstretched knees! Your walk has to look casual in order to be sexy. 

Don’t underestimate rough ground! For a confident walk on difficult ground, focus your weight on the balls of your feet thereby increasing stability.

Typical high heel problems

Every woman knows them, typical high heel problems.

Your new high heels look fantastic but wearing them causes so much discomfort.

You chose your high heels because they match your dress but it’s one of those days you have to chase every bus and every train - ouch!

You need an extra large and heavy handbag for a pair of flat shoes, just in case.

You are dressing up for a date and you want to wear your favourite pair of heels but you don’t know if they will make you taller than your date.

You bought your new high heels in a larger size to prevent discomfort but now you’re constantly losing your shoes.

Your little toe tried to escape your half-open summer heels. Now it has a thick, hard patch of skin.