Compression Socks


There are a number of situations where compression socks may be helpful, such as travelling. Long periods of inactivity combined with the cramped conditions and dehydration which occur on long journeys can result in swollen ankles and tired aching legs. Wearing compression socks such as Scholl’s Flight Socks can help prevent swollen ankles and relieving tired, aching legs with their Graduated Compression System.

-Scholl Top Tip-

Why do you need compression socks?

Long periods of inactivity, which are common on flights and lengthy trips in the car, can lead to swollen ankles and tired, aching legs. Compression socks and flight socks can help reduce these issues.

Scholl’s Compression Socks have been developed help reduce discomfort on flights and long journeys. They use a Graduated Compression System and are available in black or natural (for ladies).


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