Comfort Insoles

Designed to fit every shoe.

GelActiv™ Comfort Insoles provide cushioning and a shock absorbing effect in different types of shoes for both men and women.

GelActiv™ Everyday

GelActiv® Everyday Insoles for everyday comfort

Scholl GelActiv® Everyday Insoles provide all day shock absorption and help reduce excessive pressure under the foot.

Key Benefits:

  • 2x Cushioning*
  • Odour Resistant
  • GelActiv® Technology
  • All Day Shock Absorption
  • Sole-Shaped Design for All Day Comfort

*vs. not wearing insoles.

GelActiv™ Sport

GelActiv® Sport Insoles for Sport Support

Scholl GelActiv® Sport Insoles help reduce stress under the foot by having an efficient design lay-out of contract areas and pressure distribution. GelActiv® is effective in absorbing micro shocks and helps in reducing the excessive pressure from activities such as walking and running.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior Shock Absorption*
  • Odour Resistant
  • GelActiv® Technology
  • Strong Arch Support for Active Feet
  • Impact Cushioning for Heel, Knees and Ankles
  • Sole-Shaped Design for All Day Comfort

*vs. not wearing insoles.

GelActiv™ Work

GelActiv® Work Insoles for Hard-Working Feet

Scholl GelActiv® Work Insoles are designed to be tough enough for men and women who work on their feet all day.

Key Benefits:

  • All DayShock Absorption*
  • Odour Resistant
  • GelActiv® Technology
  • Non-Stop Cushioning and All Day Comfort
  • Holes and Top Cloth Help to Keep Feet Dry

*vs. not wearing insoles.

Experience and innovation combined.

The perfect balance of cushioning and support.

Scholl GelActiv™ technology comprises two types of gel that are proven to absorb even the smallest shocks and effectively reduce the impact felt when walking and running. The firmer gel supports the arches of the feet and the heels, while the softer gel provides high-quality cushioning and an additional shock-absorbing effect.

Scholl GelActiv™ insoles can be individually trimmed to fit most shoe sizes, and thanks to outstanding grip on the underside, they won’t slip around once inserted.

The insoles can also be cleaned and reused: simply wipe them down with warm, soapy water.

When should I use an insole?

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GelActiv for heels & flats

Comfort insoles for women's shoes.

No two shoes are alike. With a wide range of shoe insoles, there is a comfort solution for every one of your favourite shoes whether flat, open or high.

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