The easy way to get beautiful nails

Read what Kirsty Leigh, beauty blogger for makeup obsessives, had to say about the Scholl Velvet Smooth™ Nail Care System


Anyone that knows me (or has seen my hands) knows that I've never been overly concerned about my nails, and I've always been able to find an excuse as to why I neglected them.  When I lived in Auckland, I'd claim that having a baby AND fancy nails wasn't practical. Then I moved to Cambridge, and told everyone there weren't any good nail salons here (this could be untrue- in all honesty, I haven't even looked- I'm sorry, Cambridge!). However, I am now FRESH out of excuses thanks to the legends from Scholl sending me their new Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System AND nail treatment oil to play with.  Whoop! Read on to find out what I thought!


Soooo...what is it?!

Okay, the Nail Care System is brand new, and part of the Velvet Smooth range- you may have already seen the excellent Scholl Express pedi in store. It's essentially a super duper electronic nail file with three different heads- all of which file, buff, & shine the nail surface. I LOVE A MULTI-TASKING PRODUCT!

How does it work, Kirk??

As I said, it comes with three different heads, all of which are numbered- this is a very good thing especially if you're a nail noob like me. The first one is used to file and shape your nails, the second is to buff and smooth the surface of your nails (and is fab at evening out those annoying ridges), and the third head makes your nails shiny-shiny. SO shiny- this is my favourite step. The device itself has two speed settings- normal and fast- so you can choose how fast you go depending on how awesome you feel.


Sounds great so far- what did you think of it?

Talk about user friendly. Not only is it easy to use- it's actually fun to use- & is so fast! Believe it or not, I HAVE tried to file my own nails in the past, and I simply had no idea what I was doing...or if I was doing it the right way. The Nail Care System takes the guesswork out of it all, and is about 100 times more precise with the shape. I prefer to keep my nails short, but I imagine that this would be equally fantastic (if not even better) on long nails!


And what else did you try? 

The Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil! This little trooper is wonderful to use after you've finished filing your nails to give them a real treat- or you can use it every day like I do.  It contains a 7-oil complex which nurtures and strengthens your nails- and takes good care of your cuticles. It makes you feel really fancy massaging it in, trust me. 


Tell me where I can buy these guys!

You can purchase these (and all other Scholl products) at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies, so you absolutely won't have a mare trying to track them down.


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